Pool Fence Regulations Victoria – Increasing Safety For Children in Backyard Pools

The Victorian Government has listened to the concerns of tens of thousands of swimming pool and spa owners. After a lengthy campaign by SPASA and other industry stakeholders, the State Government has abandoned’retrospective’ barrier upgrade laws that would have forced many pool and spa owners to retrofit their existing barriers to comply with current standards by 2020 – for no guaranteed enhanced safety outcome!

New pool fence regulations victoria are now in place

The Andrews Government has introduced new legislation that will ensure the safety of all Victorians. This will require owners to register their residential pool fence regulations victoria and spas with their local council, and for a registered building surveyor or inspector to certify that the pool or spa’s safety barrier is compliant.

This will be enforced by a regular regime of inspections as frequent as every 3 years.

Pool fencing that’s not compliant is unsafe to use for swimming!

All residential properties with swimming pools or structures capable of holding more than 300mm of water (including paddling pools and bathing or wading pools) must have a safety barrier. This means a fence at least 1.2m high and with gaps no greater than 100mm to restrict access by young children.

Latches on the outside of pool gates must be at least 1500mm (1.5m) above finished ground level, and also at least 1400mm (1.4m) above the highest horizontal member of the pool fence. The latching device must be at least 150mm below the top of the gate if no hand-hole is provided, and at least 150mm below the edge of any hand-hole opening when a hand-hole is provided.

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